• serapetrasTo @sarahelizabethdwyer, My dear friend. We have seen good times and bad, sorrow and loss, love and life. We became fast friends when we met and I cherish every second we that we have spent together. Thank you for being my confidant. My sounding board. Thank you for being Chloë's fairy godmother. Thank you for being my roommate even when you rearranged the entire kitchen and I couldn't find a thing. You have let me into your life and I am grateful for that. I've photographed you over the years and you always allowed me to be myself, creative and carefree. We have shared some amazing times. Thank you for being the stone worker to my stone 💎 Thank you for bringing such rich color to our most recent session. I'll always remember this fancy peacock brooch pin and your radiant smile.

  • lorinansi🙏🏻
  • thehandengraverThose are beautiful words and that is a spectacular brooch.
  • serapetrasThank you @thehandengraver. It is a pretty phenomenal brooch. Sarah has great taste. 💕
  • _katesimon_Beautiful
  • j.leephotosLove! ❤
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