• living_water“This is Samuel on the left and Wilcox on the right. They were my two shadows that were no more than two steps behind me while spending time in the community of Caymit. I could not understand what they were saying to me, however, I quickly learned that ‘boul’ meant ball, and they were eager to play soccer with me. Through soccer I was able to interact with them and break through the language barrier. Through body movement I was able to tell the group of boys to form a circle so we could all play. The girls would peer through the wooden fencing of the church, watching us intently. I invited the girls to play with us—they were very hesitant but slowly joined. I could tell girls did not usually play sports with the boys. I would gently toss the ball at them and the girls would usually fumble the ball not knowing how to make their bodies fluidly move like the boys would. The whole group including the girls would howl with laughter when this happened. Their laughter was infectious, and I soon found out I could not stop smiling while in this community. Every time I would look over at Samuel, he would smile widely and wave at me. A group with so little, I realized, are so incredibly happy with what they do have. I am so thankful I was able to spend time with these amazing people and will never forget their laughter and smiles, as well as their profound impact on me.”—Hayley (@ALEXANDANI | CHARITY BY DESIGN Takeover)⠀

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  • amyrad02Life changing! 💗🤗💧
  • salesian_missionsGreat story!
  • amy_m23So beautifully said! "Their laughs were infectious." Happy with so little. Such a blessing to us. 💙🙏🏻😇
  • living_water@amy_m23 💙💗💙
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