• creamfrogIt always confuses me when people make a big deal about me eating out alone. I don't see it as #goaaaaalssss, bucket list, or medal worthy because it's not a task (I'm simply feeding myself and don't need 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 for it?). I don't know everyone's issues (social anxiety, maybe?) and I am in no way passing judgment. But jsyk, it's completely normal to dine out and eat by yourself.

  • ralntI do that alot of times, I mean dine out and eat by myself. 😉
  • thatsjope24hrs te ham??
  • royaltybitesI like to eat out a lot by myself too. I like my me time.
  • creamfrog@thatsjope 6am--4am!
  • thatsjope@creamfrog omg!! Go nata ani
  • creamfrog@thatsjope 10pm-4am kay 50% off bread and pastries 😊
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