• eatprayworkout🎉GRANOLA GIVEAWAY + New smoothie bowl recipe on the blog! 💗 You might have guessed, smoothie bowls are my favourite breakfast in the warmer months🍧They taste delicious; are more satisfying than a smoothie because they take longer to eat …and of course, who doesn’t love capturing a gorgeous smoothie bowl photo to share on instagram?! 💗This pink bowl of chilled goodness is packed with strong antioxidants such as Vitamin C, quercetin and gallic acid that helps reduce the risk of cancer, heart and circulatory disease and aging (especially of the skin). This bowl is topped with Veganola (see below for how to win a 1kg jar of @bsktcafe granola and it will give you the energy and nutrients to help you start your day at your best!
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    3️⃣ Read the recipe in blog post (link in profile) & comment below with how you would customise this recipe to make your own smoothie bowl topped with Veganola! 😋 🍧
    Competition closes midnight 31 March and winners announced via email & on the blog post: http://eatprayworkout.com/raspberry-coconut-banana-smoothie-bowl-recipe-win-1kg-of-veganola/ #veganola #granola #healthybreakfast #smoothiebowl #australianblog #australianhealthblog #australianhealthblogger

  • nickyward86Yummm that's smoothie bowl 😍😍💗
  • the_fitness_dietitianMmmm loving smoothies ATM 😍😍
  • the_adventurous_mumYum! I love granola. I need this for my office desk. I realised it was 12pm today and I hand them had breakfast 🤦‍♀️
  • melanielu11I would blend the smoothie with a little bit of fresh apple juice and soy milk. It gives it such a fresh and fruity flavor 😊
  • tonedfitness_When I'm feeling dehydrated I like to add a little coconut water. Plus I always add my glutamine for my happy tummy
  • adelineer_Yum!!! Love a good granola
  • nourish_naturallyOooo I'm so entering!!!
  • numberwranglerLooks fantastic. I was luck enough to visit BSKT Cafe last year on holiday! I would customise by adding some lovely baked apple topping for a cold Canberra monrning
  • nadia_mccallumGranola and Greek yoghurt is my daily breakfast because it's fully transportable so I can eat it at work, after I've been to the gym in the morning. I love to mix in seasonal fruit, shredded coconut and a dollop of @honeydelightau honey to sweeten it just that little bit more! Yum!
  • goodfoodweekYum - this looks fantastic
  • youtotallygotthisThat's some smoothie bowl!
  • her.nourishedYum smoothie bowls are my fav 😍
  • superiormerch😃
  • avogel_auAbsolutely delicious!
  • chloe_mcleod_dietitianNom nom nom
  • sallyleeb86Simply with plain greek yoghurt and a drizzle of honey 😍 Yum!
  • karinas_kornerI love adding a giant dollop of low fat Greek yoghurt on the bottom, then whack on heaps of granola on the top, with a side of mixed frozen berries. Delicious!
  • kozzy_57I have luscious home grown mangoes at the moment so I'd add some for sweetness and pull it back a notch with goji berries
  • bryzee86I would add strawberries instead of rasps as I grow strawbs in my garden. I would also add spinach and spirulina for a boost of iron and antioxidants. Finally, I would half the coconut milk and replace this half with coconut water to get my electrolytes up for the day.
  • maddee44I would add other berries as a love them all and a sprinkle of chia seeds because I love how they thicken things. Also a small swirl of honeyed Greek yogurt for calcium yum yum
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