Tap video for sound
  • theleangreenbeanProud of my little carrot eater! This is my go-to snack while making dinner. Proof they're always watching!

  • jpklochMy toddler is in love with hummus and that's been my go to since I was pregnant with him. Love that they can absorb those healthy habits from us 😊
  • indie_alliterationSuch a cutie
  • ade2012kI was pressing sound, looking forward to yum yum yummm, soo cute
  • theleangreenbean@ade2012k haha too busy with nature cat to vocalize the yum yum this time
  • touvell_boysIf I let my kids snack (even if it's healthy) that's all they'll want to eat. My kids never want to eat it seems..
  • melissarsheridanOff topic but have you ever blogged about best toddler apps? We just got a kindle too.
  • sogoodsokosherGreat stuffs 😉
  • cili.farkas😍
  • theleangreenbean@melissarsheridan I haven't. He has a couple but he mostly just watches the pbs app. I've been meaning to look for some new ones so I'll add it to my list!
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