• elkprintsToday is International Women's Day & as a woman in business I love how we have all been forging careers for ourselves that allow us a better life balance. I love how together we pull together and look out for each other - we collaborate, we refer, we support, we network. We are a powerhouse of small little businesses and we do it in style. I've already met some amazing women already. I particularly Iove my group from Mothers Den - as a support network it really reflects my values (family + a successful career together in balance). Thanks Uldouz for putting that together over at @themothersden - and to all the other girls from my success circle who I have loved meeting, connecting with and sharing this journey with. ☕️ I'm also celebrating it with @mums.and.co by shouting out to @youandifashionstyling - she is my business bestie and we have so much fun with the kids running under our feet trying to put together photos for our business and brainstorming ideas. But most importantly she is my support network as we embark on this business development journey together - it is so vital to have someone going through the same challenges who understands and listens and encourages me through the ups and downs. 🍴Fancy a free lunch with your business bestie too? REGRAM this post TAG your business bestie & #mumsandco FOLLOW @mums.and.co

    Artwork by @elkprints
    #internationalwomensday #iwd #iwd2017 #workingmums #mumsandco

  • hipster_mumadore this! what a beautiful message. thank you so much for being involved 🌿 love your work 👏
  • elkprints@hipster_mum - thank you it is something that does mean a lot to me so absolutely happy to be involved.
  • katefideOk I'm definitely feeling inspired now!
  • elkprints@katefide that's wonderful Kate!
  • youandifashionstylingAwwww... Well said @elkprints and thank you! I think we are due for a yummy lunch and brain storming session as well! 😊 Gorgeous illustration as well! Love your work my lovely! 💐💐💐
  • clanegessel😻
  • the.little.blahthis is cool 😎
  • lorynlovesSo cool!
  • thedailymarkGorgeous! 💕🙌🏼
  • quincy.laneIt's so important to have your network x
  • maryroniseventsLove this @elkprints
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