We just unveiled the sporty 2018 INFINITI #Q50 in the gorgeous city of Geneva. #EmpowerTheDrive #GimsSwiss
  • infinitiWe just unveiled the sporty 2018 INFINITI #Q50 in the gorgeous city of Geneva. #EmpowerTheDrive #GimsSwiss

  • kir_glmdGreat one
  • nippon.timesGreat elegance 👍🏻
  • soccer_dad28Kinda difficult to tell it apart from the 2017... but still looking fresh
  • gruppoferriGorgeous!
  • gavosuk1Hope they have sorted the daylight running lights out. Stop the poor look when they get full of confensation . What infiniti say is fine
  • liminal48Hope they sorted out the glossy/matte dual screen debacle as well.
  • z34ramosNice 👍🏼
  • jai_mdxgt8_600Ruler
  • _keem_kong_Here's to another year of record sales ‼️
  • allin7087To Raw not buy for Family
  • infiniti@gavosuk1 @liminal48, we value every customer advice, please DM us your problems, we will make a note of the issue and try our best to customer satisfaction.
  • gavosuk1There is no point dm you. Infiniti uk know and my local infiniti dealer know my problem. My head lamps get condensation inside both of them. And infiniti say this is acceptable. I want everyone to know about this issue and the fact infiniti arnt interested. The infiniti sales are poor and no wonder a dealership in uk hqve stopped doing warranty on a lady car because infiniti have not been paying there bills. Im just lucky its only my headlights that are a problem.if it was more serious i feel i would have a new car and wonder would i have any warranty.
  • janetstuckey17Love my Infinity best car I've ever owned would love to have this red beauty! Mine has been very dependable and it will haul balls so in love with my G35!
  • gavosuk1Great car janet but wud u be happy if youre headlamps wer full of condensation? Both lamps
  • gavosuk1Bear in mind mines 6 month old and infiniti wont do anyrhink about it. .
  • infiniti@janetstuckey17 Glad to see that you're enjoying your INFINITI.
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