Postcards from cactus-ier places than here
  • erikaraxPostcards from cactus-ier places than here

  • emilyroach__That took me a good couple of goes to work out what "catusier" meant.. I almost googled it 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🌵 probably shouldn't have admitted that either
  • erikarax@emilyroach__ haha did you pronounce it cactooosier? Maybe I'll add a dash to save others the pain you just went through. 😂
  • emilyroach__Yes! I did! Haha it was very painful, it thought it must of been a fancy word for cactus.. the dash is going to save many people 🙌
  • suertjBeautiful 💚
  • bethhayeskingI really like cactus-ier places!
  • ruglover👍
  • oliveandcocoa👏
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