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    I'm Elita, I'm 29 and I've traveled through the 29 states of the Indian mainland

    Yes, somewhere between posting about Nagaland on social media and travelling through Meghalaya about a fortnight ago, I turned 29 and also accomplished something for myself
    Backstory ---
    It was August 2015 when the idea of striking off the Seven Sisters of the northeast from my travel bucket-list first occurred to me. It was the only part of the country I was yet to travel to.

    2015 made way for 2016 and I'd gotten nothing done. But with my 29th birthday now approaching, I knew I'd found an incentive to make this happen!

    7 states in 50-60 days was the plan!
    Highly ambitious and also somewhat stupid -- especially when you know how diverse, varied and rich the northeast is in culture and ecology... I didn't know how I was going to make this happen. I was told by many that it's "too much", it's "not possible", it's "not recommended"...
    And generally the kind of person who heeds to advice, I don't know why in this instance I chose otherwise

    Battling self doubt and a precariously balanced bank balance along with the stubbornness that it was either all of the northeast at one go or nothing at all, was a very different kind mind-game

    But here's the twist in the plot
    The right amounts of stubbornness, ambition and even greed can be just the ingredients to get you started off... Because once you're on the road, it's humility that sees you through

    Why less than a month prior to departure when my Dad heard about my plans, he asked "Do you have the finances?" I said I'll figure it out
    And today I can proudly say figure it out I did

    But not without the inputs and support (oodles of them in fact) from friends, friends of friends (who've turned friends), acquaintances (also now friends) who've helped me step my own game up.

    And before you ask, my travels are self-funded. ALWAYS.
    Because there are no free lunches. And even if there are, I don't eat at that table ;)
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  • nomadicthunker@neelimav I'm glad it worked out too, Neelima Couldn't do Nagaland the way I'd intended to but I'm sure your inputs are going to come in handy when another opportunity arises to go back (which I'll create and sieze with both hands 😉) Well, posts have mostly been delayed due to network issues. But yeah, the journey has also concluded as of this morning
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