one must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star
  • stefaniescottone must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star

  • carlosdoc87To you, who smile at life, Because life is a smile To you, who embellish the world with your face, Drawing a thousand and one smiles. To you, the protagonist of my day. To you, be perfect smile, Which makes the day brighter and brighter, That always make up your face, Filling her with smiles. .....,Goodnight
  • guysbotso ah C
  • louismario34Aldc
  • nayelniizzOh lord ❤
  • dalia_kassabBook???
  • becafrostyTe amo! 💜✨
  • tereromancesFor those wondering, this is a quote of Friedrich Nietzsche
  • el.tirandayou are the dancing star 🌟 @stefaniescott
  • dastaan_ak😘😅😅
  • dreaxss@_cccelu_
  • _cccelu_@dreaxss 💜✨
  • girlszszszz🌌
  • 25012001ks_@dalia_kassab this book is called "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" by Friedrich Nietzsche
  • carlosdoc87To walk in your look, Is like swimming in the high seas, Moved by the waves of your tenderness, Bathed in the immensity of your beauty, Your eyes are the door of your soul, How shy it appears in your eyes, Smiling full every morning, Illuminating each of the days. With that brush of your eyes, You caress this planet once more, Filling him with joy and joy, If they asked me to draw beauty, Sure would draw your look, But I think that neither the best painter, On the canvas could shape it.
  • dalia_kassab@forward.forward_ thank u ❤❤
  • elissa.dvI love you 💗🌻
  • carlosdoc87The music of your throat is so beautiful, So sublime the dawn of your beautiful look So wonderful source your smile, So warm planet your sweet heart, So magic your soul, That I am your faithful follower, You are a goddess, and walking with your feet, You arrive to heaven from the ground, you are an angel And your beauty is an eternity. I open my eyes and see your beautiful smile and I can no longer think of anything, because the light of your smile is worth more than any thought, in my mind I think of your beauty and I think with your eyes and ears and think of it Every hour, your beauty is more perfect than flowers and trees, more perfect than the lazy gold of the sun or the moonlight, miss you provoke emotion with just to see you tread the grass, you to whom the rain does not soak . The empty days when you arrive become days of diamonds and silver, every night would not have so much night without the stars created only by your beautiful hands of ivory and emerald, princess.
  • carlosdoc87Your beauty is a beautiful world Lift your eyes, What the sky needs Of your beautiful eyes, your brilliance. Yerge your figure, Paint with it, The watercolor of your life And the daily landscape, Where do you walk Look straight ahead, smile, Do not hide your dreams, Think handsome Speak out loud That rumbles your voice, May everyone hear you Walk with ease, Release the hands, Leave your hair Free in the wind. Have vanity, still happy, And feel in your blood Infinite pride To have been born So beautiful, princess.
  • jessica.guadarramaI love you😍
  • nourmrad_What book is this??
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