Sneaky photographer. 📸
  • milano_alyssaSneaky photographer. 📸

  • doreen059@ita1ianmama but this is who she is, look at her career, look at her movie, border line porn, all her money and she passing judgement! She had breast implants, think of the poor people she could feed. She his so fake , the money she spends on her appearance. What she could do with that money. Yet she had the nerve to past the first stone. So pathetic she is. But this is who she is! This isn't the first statement she made against the president or his family. She a very tiny, small bully!
  • doreen059I guess she can't handle the negativity, she's blocking comments now
  • doreen059Photo is not appropriate for Instagram
  • doreen059Very nice. Reporting this as porn
  • doreen059Shouldn't this be in playboy, are you posing for them , are they paying you? I guess that's the only way you make money again
  • ita1ianmama@doreen059 agree with everything you said- it's the truth!!!! She can dish it but can't take it? I love how people are saying "but she's a good advocate for breastfeeding" what ?!? As if that excuses her nasty remark about MELANIAS rings. She didn't need to go there. She shouldn't have said anything at all - was it necessary ? Was it kind? Did it accomplish anything? Sick of these Hollywood holier than thou hypocrites and yes she is a MEAN GIRL!!!! Way to teach her daughter! SMH!
  • ita1ianmamaSo much for more love less hate
  • ita1ianmamaAnd I would love to see her say this to MELANIAS face-
  • unchained9905That'll be nice for your kids to see when they are a lil older
  • jeremyjaramillo7892Cute but
  • camgraso6Mid life crisis?
  • adamsangellAll y'all negative ppl need to go go somewhere all that jealousy!! Alyssa is beautiful !!
  • fredduboisSo hot & sexy !!! U're still the most beautiful 💖😍
  • heather_b78Beautiful woman inside and out!!!
  • big_m_57Ooooh yeaaah !! Now THAT is one hell of a butt !!! Love it !
  • maeva._blgIts you?????
  • boularnaudmagnifique
  • johnmarshall78@milano_alyssa I feel like this picture should have over a million likes, time for an Alyssa Milano comeback!!
  • skyfa11_91SOOOOOOOO SEXY
  • motorcoolieThat's you? Amazing
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