• lunaparkThis week's #artinadplaces #adtakeover features work by @cherylpope, who writes: "I HATE THE SOUND OF SILENCE is the voice of a Chicago Youth responding to issues of inequality, police brutality, political corruption and resulting violence in the United States.

    Elevating this statement to a Championship Statement increases the volume, weight, and physicality of this lived experience and feeling of anger, pain and frustration.

    I selected this statement for ART IN AD PLACES and specifically on the telephone booth for its relationship to connection, conversation, and public accessibility. When I was young I saw the public phone as a resource if needed to call for help, a direct line to 911 or the operator. The deactivation of these public, democratic resources is a metaphor of the silence, the survival of the individual rather than a sense of a communal support system.

    It also pushes against the phone as an object that keeps us distracted, our inability to be silent, to confront, to be alone with ourselves. Our fear of what might be seen, heard, or felt within the silence." 9/52

  • abelincolnjrFantastic work! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • jordanseilerThis project keeps getting better with each new piece!
  • bushcamp1989Nice
  • clintmarioIt would be interesting to hear how this project intends to actually change the landscape of the Out of Home Advertising industry.
    The curators of this project and others involved are not new to "ad takeovers" so one can't help but wonder why, and how, this project expects to make any further progress with it's "anti-ad" cause.
    Like what specifically beyond "starting a conversation about the presence of excessive public ads" is the goal? Without additional action this project comes across more like an instagram content generator than an agent for change. @vandalog @dirtworship @lunapark @artinadplaces
  • vandalog@clintmario the big goal? Let's turn these booths over to artists and non-profits and community groups and whatever else is better then ads. Recently, I very briefly proposed that to the commissioner of NYC's department of cultural affairs. He looked at me like I was crazy. How exactly we get to a point where something like that isn't perceived as crazy or impossible, I'm still trying to figure out. Any ideas?
  • vandalog@clintmario in the immediate, AiAP is getting new people interested in the concept of ad takeovers, both as fans and active practitioners.
  • tooktookmePretty awesome!
  • xfevers👏
  • misssabado💣
  • jordanseiler@clintmario @vandalog I feel like we can all agree that if anyone is doing this on false pretenses it's @saveartspace . In all seriousness though, what all #adtakeover projects to date have done is consciousness building (even save art space) and this has been invaluable to starting a meaningful conversation about the simple fact that we adorn our collective living room in fucking commercial advertising. Even the meme based work of Clint or my boring BW patterns, seemingly devoid of oppinion, point to new possibilities. I clearly think some do this better than others, but how we take the next step and fundamentally change how our cities are used, is the real question we should be addressing. Maybe we should hold a meeting to talk strategy during the #subvertisersinternational week of action coming up.
  • saveartspace@jordanseiler nope no false pretenses here. We are honest and open about with how we use our donations, acquire ad space and utilize Instagram. We are a volunteer organization, if you would like to see changes, come to our next community event and discuss with us on how we can better engage with the Public and the public space. Please visit our website saveartspace.org to see more @clintmario @vandalog
  • jordanseiler@saveartspace im sorry for the constant barrage of aggression. I will come to the next meeting if you can let me know when it is. We all have our own way of addressing the issue and i have my thoughts about the pay to play model that working with ad companies follows. Obviously. Thanks for taking this old curmudgeon in stride. Lets see if i can explain myself more eloquently at one of your community meetings.
  • saveartspace@jordanseiler we agree it takes more than just posting images, its community organization so we can all get together and talk in person what we can do collectively to end private media domination and create a public platform as is everyones goal. Now that awareness is spread, its time for collective action.
  • lion.vbThis is cool
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