If there's one thing that unites all people, it's the mall. Recent trip to the @Apple store #Dubai.
  • gatesygramIf there's one thing that unites all people, it's the mall. Recent trip to the @Apple store #Dubai.

  • veronica.texmexso many questions
  • dara_does_deadlifts@moelmiar to them, it's not oppression. Even in predominantly Muslim countries, full coverage is a choice. Open your mind, and you'll see the only one oppressing these women are those who don't understand.
  • moelmiar@dara_does_deadlifts sure...believe that. Open you your mind and travel the world to see how Muslim women like these have no voice at all.
  • skyee777That's just funny was there last month...
  • stellarfish426@moelmiar - @dara_does_deadlifts Is right, although women in those countries do not have as many free rights as those here, many women still choose to keep themselves covered even if they have the choice to be uncovered. Maybe, you should read up a bit before you tell others what to do.
  • thearcadewarriorPoor ladies, they're being oppressed by religion.
  • moelmiar@stellarfish426 I don't need to read when I can travel around the world and witness it myself. You are who is telling what to do? Give me a break!! 😂😂
  • jakkifishThe one on the left...those look like guys hands/wrists! ?????
  • chefshanziyou rock. but this picture makes me sad to see
  • nicole0317Great photo and awesome show! My 8 year old son is your biggest, little fan. He has big hopes and dreams of traveling the world on amazing adventures when he gets older. One of my weekly mom highlights is our house coming to a standstill on Wednesday nights to gather around the tv and watch your show. Keep up the good work!
  • mariapangalos@annabelledavis55
  • grandmadeb561😂😂😂😂😂
  • amybernadette.wnothing like material desires to bring us all together! i think i heard debbie gibson was performing there later. 😛
  • backinblack400Your caption! Yes, the mall unites us all! Lol
  • __intergalactic@moelmiar oppression 🙄
  • realwildwestEh....Ah no! I hate computers.
  • maryamshokoohhiCutest thing I've seen today
  • vasiltsova_com💣 💣 💣
  • k.annwise😨
  • 11namida11😀
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