Tap video for sound
  • reviewsbyanerdWhy is this toy so loud 😑

  • miss_clitoride👅 🍦
  • the_vspotI just got mine! It's pretty awesome feeling and unique but SO LOUD.
  • postmowoodsIt's a very fun toy. I have much louder toys too!
  • sexbloggessMine doesn't sound like that at all. They're not really running a consistency operation 😕
  • kennakinseyIt's like a kids toy motorcycle crossed with a loud cat purr. Not a great combo for noise in a sex toy! Lol. Does it work well? I'm more familiar with the womanizer series.
  • reviewsbyanerd@kennakinsey It does work well! Some days I love it and some days I'm like eh... Lol
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