Excited I had the chance to speak in front of over 50 power women in business and technology and share my journey of @ThatChallengeGirl , self awareness, growth, and finding love❤
Living your passion, purpose, and being in position is POWER.
I spoke on 7 of my challenges I accomplished! Then focused on #DataScience and  #DataMining
ONLY LIBERTY gives a data analytics talk mixed with Trap music😂😄
My favorite part of the talk was
"DOES ANYONE LISTEN TO FUTURE" 🎶 @future @trapperkeepr
A room full of high networth ladies and 70% of the hands flew up!!! ❤❤❤
My people🎶❤
Everyone loved the talk,  sorry I did not record it.  I just jumped up and did a routine 😂😂 I changed everything about my life. It was amazing!! Afterwards I had a line form😄 
#ThatTechGirl is the #Oprah of #SiliconValley
#startuplife #SiliconValley 
I was authentic and went full TedTalk. Motivation,  fitness, and  social media! It was the best talk ever. It allowed me to connect with so many wonderful ladies
#entrepreneurlife #bosslife #bossup #billionairboysclub #womenintech #engineerlife #entrepreneur #Founder #techblogger #contentcreator
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