• baztanLast year today. We been through war and got to know what is war. It was #madefinalinseoul #LOL

  • aimeeveThe final that wasn't final!! I'm glad finally it was already final at least for a couple of years.. Not VIP will find my comment confusing.. Only VIP knows!! Time for solo!! Not this year for me 😣 u jia you!! Earn more money back!!
  • mistanizzy@aimeeve Finally its final 😭😭😭 finally can travel πŸ˜‚
  • aimeeve@mistanizzy yes for u.. But not for long.. So make sure u use the 20+months carefully for travel
  • baztan@aimeeve die lor! I seriously hope gd faster enlist then i can rest for 24 months!
  • baztan@aimeeve by the time they comeback we all old liao LOL!
  • aimeeve@baztan they also grow old πŸ˜‚
  • imjcxx@baztan i agreed half-hearted
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