• darkgravityInspire Acts of Kindness.

    In college I met a guy named Raul Bulao. He is 3 years older than me. One day he saw me drawing a picture of a bonsai on MSPaint while I was using a computer on our computer lab. I know this guy even before he approached me because he was quite legendary in school. It was said that the satellite dish of our school wave to him every time he enters the school. I didn’t know that he was watching me draw then after that he invited me to his group because they don’t have anyone who knows how to draw. He taught me how to use photoshop and how to fix computers. It organically led me to web-design.

    They graduated when I was on my third year. I got accepted on company based in Legazpi City and he got a job in Manila. I was so miserable on my first job. I think I got hired because the employer was taking a huge cut on my salary and they would just hire people who at least know HTML. 6 months after that, I got a message from Raul that he knows a company in Manila that’s looking for a designer. I got accepted and Raul let me crash at his place for 6 months. He was living on an 8x8ft room in one of the most depressed part of Manila. I have never been shown kindness on multiple occasion by a single person not related by blood to me.

    This is one of the reason why I always try give back to the community.

    I’m always reinventing myself and recently I was trying to transition into fine arts though my paper cuts. I want to make a complete series but I don’t have enough funds, because it means I also have to stop working as it requires a lot of time. I need at least 3 months to concentrate on this series.
    This time kindness came to me in the form of @aoklife . They are a startup that help raise money for charity through art. They paid for 3 of my artworks and that gave me 3 months of leeway to work on my art. They are an online platform but a lot work happens offline/real life like setting up meetings with charities and conducting ground initiatives, a task that I could not do if I would really want to concentrate on my art.

    Do you have an inspiring story of kindness? Post it on the comments and I’ll letter a title for it :)

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  • westdesignconceptThats really something
  • darkgravity@westdesignconcepts Yup! Raul changed the trajectory of my life man.
  • meredithangellYou showed me kindness by beautifully lettering my name after I shared its story! 🎶
  • imjustjoshin83Hey Patrick! My name is Josh and I love what you're doing here! I have an app called nobly (@gonobly ) and would love to be involved if we can. Please feel free to shoot me a message if you'd like to find a way to collaborate. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves!
  • lingismynameA quote I posted from the Dalai Lama where he said, "Be kind whenever possible; it is always possible" from a few of my posts back was inspired by a time when I was shown great kindness. Thank you for sharing your story! The world needs to learn more kindness 💕
  • wdj.acWOW! 👍
  • jemsilogWow,you've worked here in legazpi? Where are you from?
  • darkgravity@jemsilog yup. 12 years ago :) I'm from Sipocot, Cam Sur.
  • jemsilogWow,amazing to know that you're from bicol too!
  • leahbecker_designOur high school motto was the ancient Greek quote “Know Thyself”. It seems to me that you are living it by following your curiosity & passions.
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