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  • paperiaarreThis the end. I finished the first full draft of my poetry book, and still the process of it becoming an actual book is as endless as this kaleidocycle. A kaleidocycle is an extremely satisfying grouping of tetrahedrons - google for instructions on how to make your own. This is just something I did for fun after finding myself with too much energy after some sleepless nights. The world is a confusing place.

  • papirmadammenAmazing!😀
  • htyvelae❤💫
  • arquitecturadellibro😳😍😍😍😍
  • daskaninchen3endlessly beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
  • paperiaarre@daskaninchen3 so are you 😘
  • stoneangel_carolFabulous ❤❤❤
  • nickmiller4987Lovely and perhaps symbolic. Poetic in motion, word and of its execution!
  • inkandawlSo cool!
  • gargoylesocksWow! Soooo cool!!
  • clairsarsozoWOW! Amazing! And mesmerizing! 😊
  • estudioflordelotusWow, so cool!!!! 😃
  • kricks7The world is a confusing--and beautiful--place. I love these formats where strangers can share beauty and goodness. It is comforting. I love your little kaleidocycle!
  • inkandawlI feel like this is perfect for this month's theme.
  • theoldstuffshopThe world is a confusing place indeed but as it makes you make beautiful pieces like this, it's a pretty amazing place aswell, right?
  • beautifulurself😊
  • paperiaarre@kricks7 Thank you 😘I'm currently quite overwhelmed by the beauty of all things. Must work while it lasts!
  • paperiaarre@inkandawl Hadn't thought of it! So true! This gets to be my challenge piece if I don't come up with something else... but who says we can only make one book per theme!
  • paperiaarre@theoldstuffshop utterly and totally amazing ❤
  • inkandawlThis is true. I've actually got two in progress for peace—I'll finish them as soon as return from vacation. No idea what I'm doing for time, yet.
  • theeightspace: a m a z i n g
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