• ausopenofsurfCongrats to these legends for persevering with the rain ☔️☔️☔️ Your winners are...
    @vansbmx66 I can't believe we managed to get through day but we did. Here's your top 3. Congrats to @vans_europe's @sirlayos on the big win, followed by @dennisenarson and @larry_edgar in 3rd. Larry also won best trick with the Tuck to Table over the big hip only a couple of people hit. Thank you all to the fans that stuck around all day in the rain. Hope you enjoyed the show!!! Malaga, Spain here we come for round 2!!! #vansbmxprocup
  • indycherokee__officialWoohoooo!!! Was an awesome day to see this!!! 👊 Loved it!
  • fiona_in_avalonAmazing riders ⭐️🙌🏼
  • yuzokoofficial👍
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