My new favorite shoes. Made from recycled bottles and machine-washable!
  • saracotnerMy new favorite shoes. Made from recycled bottles and machine-washable!

  • heather_kruzieWhere did you get them?
  • christineindotWhat brand are they?
  • juliablushingguliaAre they comfortable?
  • hashtagschibsI love my Rothys! I will say that they did start to smell after a while and the washing machine didn't do a ton to help. So you may want to avoid walking through puddles 😉
  • saracotner@heather_kruzie
  • saracotner@christineindot
  • saracotner@juliablushinggulia They are! My feet are really sensitive and I only wear comfortable shoes. They were a little hard on the back of my heals but only for a limited time.
  • saracotner@hashtagschibs That's so interesting to hear! I do think my feet sweat a bit more in them but it didn't bother me since I'll be able to wash them. But that's disappointing that they don't wash out well over time.
  • hashtagschibs@saracotner it is possible it was just user error and I didn't wash correctly. I was being overly cautious when I washed them as I don't typically toss my shoes in the washing machine. They are the most comfortable shoes ever and it didn't stop@me from getting a second pair.
  • saracotner@hashtagschibs It's such a weird concept to be able to wash flats in the machine!
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