• sexysobrietyI finished my yoga challenge this week! 20 classes in 28 days! 🎉

    I've always loved the idea of yoga, but couldn't seem to make the habit stick. So it felt incredible to (finally!) make it part of my regular routine and complete every single class.
    I noticed how much my energy and mindset fluctuate from day to day. I noticed where I tend to hold my tension. But the biggest lesson for me was around letting go. Surrender. Trust. In other words, my body feels better for the challenge, but most of all my heart and spirit do. What could you challenge yourself to this month, hon?
    Meanwhile, I'm SO in love with this mat from @yogadesignlab 😍 (yup, they recently opened a store in Australia!). I planned to receive it halfway through the challenge (you know, to serve as inspiration to get my butt on the mat, and a reward for even signing up for the challenge at all), 😉 but due to a mail mix up, it didn't arrive on my doorstep until after I'd completed the very last class. Which felt like a cosmic message from the Universe: "I don't THINK so, missy. Do the work first, THEN you get the reward." Got it, Universe. Loud and clear. 😉👌x

    SexySobriety.com ❤️

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  • iamterrilCongratulations love! That's awesome!!
  • sexysobrietyThank you so much, @iamterril! 😊❤️x
  • iamkatietassoneWay to go, girl! You've given me hope! I regularly sign up for yoga challenges but can't seem to make them stick either!
  • sexysobrietyThe trick for me was pre-scheduling the whole month, @iamkatietassone. Sooo worth the planning time. 👌 You got this, ladylove. 👊x
  • p.maybLove the commitment, Bex. You ROCK!
  • avocadoglowI long to see sunshine! Looks perfect ❤
  • katieashleyloveLove!!!! I'd love to invite you to be a guest on my new podcast. I'll DM you to ask for your email address. ❤✌️
  • sexysobriety@katieashleylove I just replied, angel - can't wait to chat! 😊❤️x
  • sexysobrietySending you lots of warm vibes, @avocadoglow. ☀️😍x
  • sexysobrietyThank you so much, @p.mayb! 😊👊x
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