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  • nickheyward"The answers my friend are blowing in the wind" Bob Dylan

  • comftyboldCan really feel that. Love the sunburst at the end. Marvellous. It's all love innit mate? 🌻🌞
  • jukejointjazzabelLove this Nick!
  • dorothy_cricketI love your thought process and vision.
  • cocowills48Whistle down the wind 😗Love being out there with my dog in the fresh air 😘
  • opalrecordsBeautiful!
  • chris_o_connor_123Surely the wind whistles rather than blows. Heyward verses Dylan...
  • nicklairdclowesDirect sunlight in b/w - lovely !
  • callingcaptin_autumnAbsaloutly beautiful ❤️🎼
  • waynocoasterYes, "the answer is blowin' in the wind."
  • barbarapilichosSun, sun, sun, here it comes ☀️☀️☀️
  • nickheyward@waynocoaster Thanks for the correction Wayne 👌🏽
  • nickheyward@nickheyward Or rather, Edmond Wayne Cox. Good strong name that 🐅
  • nickheyward@chris_o_connor_123 I suppose it's not too late to be awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, Chris. Thanks for your believe and support, it's inspiring. I'm actually only just now discovering Bob's writing. It's astonishing. I've read Chronicles and may take the plunge in to The Lyrics 1961-2012. I've flicked through three times now. I'm going to listen to his songs more this week. Have a great week yourself 📀📚
  • kokoskjI learn "simple twist of fate" while I'm in my friend's car all day.
  • chris_o_connor_123Nick, I need a favour. Help
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