• karennedwardsThe fishermen of Cox's Bazaar go to work no matter what the weather. Come rain or shine, they are out there every day of the week, hauling in as much as catch as possible to make a living.

    This morning, the fog was so dense, we couldn't see this big fishing vessel until it was just 50m in front of us. We watched as the men pulled up their huge net in unison, two of them shoulder deep in water helping with the load. I laughed to myself knowing the whole of London would have shut down if the fog was this dense back home.
    But this sums up everything about the people here. Everybody gets stuck in, the work is hard and physical and you do it without complaint, you rise before the sun to start your day and you finish as the sun goes down, you take your lot and you live it the best you can - working hard to provide for you and your family.
    This is life here in southern Bangladesh. 💚

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