• carolinasweatWall chairs or sits work the quads, glutes and the core but since it's an isometric hold, it's safer for the knees than a squat where you're working through an entire range of motion. You can do this exercise anywhere and adding modifications such as a leg lift, a chest press or an overhead hold can increase the challenge.
    Start by standing 1.5-2 feet from a the wall with your back against the wall. Imagine they you are sitting into a chair so that your hips and knees bend at a 90 degree angle. Keep the shoulders, upper back and the back of the head against the wall. Both feet should be flat on the ground about hips width apart with the weight evenly distributed. It's best to hold your arms out in front of the body to get the most benefit but be sure not to drop too low or stay too high. Both can injure the knees.

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