• save_the_mermaidsWhat a beautiful and inspiring weekend to be involved in. We joined @mothersunandthecaptain @juiceranch and @highvibelivin at the @happinessretreatsb , teaching women (MERMAIDS) how to be involved and empowered within the self to change the world! Save the Mermaids will be teaching a workshop tomorrow discussing how to, as an individual, create actionable items at home, in your community, and in local and state politics in order to change the world and give more love to our beautiful Mother Earth. We all with passion!, love, awareness, and appreciation can make a difference!

  • happinessretreatsbWe are SO fired up!! We went from sad, angry and clueless to inspired, action oriented and excited! @kaiamermaid you were FLAWLESS! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
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