• megankayphotographyIt's been a while since I've posted. I've been switching things up a bit on the business and personal side of things- trying to stop and smell the roses (or flowers, like in this pic) a bit more.
    Things have been so busy & my business grew a lot last year! Shooting multiple times a week was great for the place I was at last year, but this year, I have had to relook at things and slow things down a bit.
    I am still incredibly passionate about using photos to help capture people in the pursuit of their dreams. Whether it be two people deciding to chase dreams together via marriage, helping an entrepreneur start their website by capturing their new line of items, or a high school senior stepping from one season of life into the next.
    These are the moments and transitions I love to capture with my lens. HOWEVER, I found myself wanting to give more and more attention and heart to each shoot, and that wasn't possible with the amount of work I was taking on in combination with school and personal life.
    I want to be an encourager with my camera- the best encourager I can be. I want to be real. I never want to see this as just a job, as me simply providing photographs as my product.
    In order to maintain this standard of care, I have began to book a lot less, Instagram a lot less, and work on authenticity with my relationships.

    I still love photography and instagram, and everything that goes along with this dream job of mine. I'm still out there workin' it with my camera. Big thanks and lots of love to all of y'all for following along with this journey 💕

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  • mlphotofilmIt's always good to stop and smell the roses. Good luck with all your endeavors!
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  • bethyboox3I just wanna hug you!!
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