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  • stephdrondeauMy latest blog post talks about changing your perspective when it comes to progress. Case in point: these lifts wouldn't have been heavy to me several months ago. This sumo deadlift at 115 lb and squat to a box at 95 lb would have been warm up weights. Today, these are my working weights. I've just started training with a barbell again, and I have a long way to go, in both form and strength. But I'm proud of where I'm at now, regardless of how easy this would have been in my pre-baby life. Link in profile. #homegym #progress #bebetter #fitmama #postpartumfitness

  • wrdogg22Quality made Japanese vintage bike in the background! Oh and nice deadlifts!
  • diswim582I will definitely need some advice and insight in a few months!!!!!!
  • bekkigrieveLook at you go!!!
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