#NickiMinaj taking a page from #LilKim ... Who rocked it better?? #OooLaLaBlog
  • ooolalablog#NickiMinaj taking a page from #LilKim ... Who rocked it better?? #OooLaLaBlog

  • _dukesss_I don't think they are on the same level to compare.. Now vs 1999 is a totally diff time, statement, an msg.. And Janet did this in 2004.. Not before Kim, and still hers was different because it was a "fake blooper" at the end of the performance..
  • sweetprincess_eKim
  • aychefLil Kim Hands Down Did It First And Best
  • cakinyemi_Ok ..Lil Kim look and have beef with new artist Remy
  • cakinyemi_This witch is crazy
  • cakinyemi_The World will call you out s
  • fire_engine_red007_Kim...."theorginator
  • empressaisha@laura.descalza 😂😂
  • nitesgiftAnother page...
  • hiimbeautifulanu2Lil Kim
  • hiimbeautifulanu2Nickis Is Too Big
  • _dean_beanNicki too big for that shit. Kim started this shit. Point blank period.
  • theconscious_geminiYou want to wear your titty out do it like everyone is inspired by something everyone got their panties in a bunch because Remy hit hard with the diss record and that's good that's real hip hop but a few ppl fake hating Nicki because they are riding the wave. If you like Nick Its cool. If you like Remy cool if you like kim great. Enjoy this moment in hip hop because its awesome. It's not just about style and pretty anymore ppl have to step up kudos to Remy for pushing the bar.
  • butterscotch_tashI mean trying to compare these two looks isn't on the same level. Nicki is wearing high fashion couture, the Original Lil Kim is wearing an outfit which even back then I never took too, so I think Nicki rocks the look better.
  • raza895Belo
  • queenmeekiGive Credit where credit is due..... just own up to it Nikki u love Kim style. We all do back in the day.
  • sugebaveryLil Kim
  • rajeebellThis looks ridiculous
  • adriannaweatherspoonLil kim. U got to have lil tites for that shit no shade i love lil kim
  • krybabeeeKimee
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