Weekend haircut from @floyds99barbershop in Pasadena .
  • teknohedWeekend haircut from @floyds99barbershop in Pasadena .

  • russthebussellI think I'm triggered by your hair...... cherrrrish itttt! Cherrishhhh lol
  • teknohedYeah but I am a fat ass. So we all have our cross to bear.
  • russthebussellHaha oh I was the fat guy forever, but I pretended to be allergic to carbs..... well most of the time
  • russthebussellI finally got into lifting weights the right sane way and it really helped me, not maniac rotator cuff wearing out fad bs, just slow correct form bench, squats, and other stuff. Works for me, you're a big dude I'd suggest it. Progressive overlaid and slow correct form
  • russthebussellDude, the 12th. Cayucos ranchin. I'm a super noob, apreciate it if ya could come out here and stand in the dirt and brand calves with us, it's good life experience
  • teknohedMy mom lives in SLO. How do you keep showing up in my neck o the woods
  • teknohedNot sure I can make it out there the 16th, but the next time I go visit mom we should hang or for sure. I can bring my sheltie. He is good at barking at cows.
  • russthebussellMy dad's family has been ranchers out here forever, I got sick of war stuff and I'm going back to the farming ranchin roots of my fam. I understand it's a bit of a drive and we're grown ups with stuff going on. Just love to show how ranchin works here, if ya know anyone that would be interested in seeing how it works let me know
  • russthebussellI gotta go back to Elko right after the 12th my dad has some weird bone marrow cancer
  • russthebussellThen I have have to fly back to pa the 21st. I'm going to try to sell my house as soon as I can, then I'll be back out here, so if we can't meet up, I'd love to visit in LA and I haaaaaave to se this pinball place ther
  • teknohedUgh. I am sorry to hear that. Well some day we will hang out again...
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