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  • davidfreeseThe King of Motown

  • erin5255055♥️
  • pepperstokesSmokey
  • maggiemay619Great show I'm sure! Wow!
  • _landon_arnoldCool
  • amybobukNice! Loved him since I was a little kid.
  • conley_sharonSmokey!! What nice way to spend the evening !!
  • pitt.strongGreat to see your having fun and kicking spring training and ready for Opening Day can't wait to see you out there blastin dingers and robbing hits. Remember age is just a number and your proving it
  • coreybdrumsHow long ago was it that you were the MVP for the @cardinals in the World Series? That was the first year I started playing little league baseball (coach pitch!) and I was on the Cardinals, and then when my dad showed me the pros on tv, I just started rooting for them. Finally the World Series came and my team won! And then non other than Mr. Freese himself was the MVP and got a brand new gorgeous car. And then, in the summer of 2015, I got the chance to see my first MLB game in person and I got to see you down on the field with the Angels in person which was SUPER cool. Mike Trout was there too, but you're cooler than him haha. Anyways, you'll always be my favorite baseball player 🙂
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