I sat in the bathtub for about three hours while this little beauty started her journey into this world over four years ago. I didn't want to pull any false alarms but I knew she was on her way.. I sat in the tub while my family slept and had some final quiet moments thinking how much I would miss pregnancy.  I wondered what motherhood would be like with three kids.  I hoped that she would arrive in perfect health.  My mind  was all over the place but - In my heart - I knew it was time.  I remember waking up my husband and saying - get up - I'm in labor - we have to go. I called my sister to come right over to watch over the girls and we drove to the hospital underneath the brightest crescent moon I've ever seen in my life.  I was all sorts of excited and anxious to meet this little girl we now call Hattie. The very moment I snapped this photo - my mind went back to that night.  Her smile lights up this image and our lives a lot like that crescent moon lit up our drive to the hospital the night she was born. 🌒
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