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  • ryanvillopoto@Atlasbrace presents: RV2 / What If?”

  • jamesparkin27Getting a bit fat there rv! 😂😂
  • crf45029I broke my neck riding. I regret everyday that I didn't wear a neck brace. It only takes one time and you're rockin 4 wheels and it don't go braap. Keep killin it @ryanvillopoto these haters talkin bout your weight are clowns. Hope to meet you at motowest this summer
  • jcruz194Ramita me dijo eso antes colorado alcahuete @ramiisuarez17
  • javad1363.e💖👍👌👏
  • carol_dj_allenI wish the AMA would make neck braces mandatory for the riders!
  • jj_herse@remi_laporte quel batard hahahaha 😂😂😂
  • dustymoto425He's retired and accomplished more then any of you keyboard pirates. His wife is a fitness model. What's your girl do? Ricky is the goat and he put on weight. McGrath has a double chin... Who gives a fuck. Fat shaming champions while you've accomplished jack shit.
  • dustymoto425Motocross training and racing involves some carbohydrates because in 20 lap motos you burn it like fuel... Now that these guys are training as hard or motoing as hard they're gonna put on weight... Right but you all ttr125 riders know better
  • troymoynihan@kenty100
  • ironxl883nRyan, July 22nd Spring Creek Minnesota are you thinking of coming to the Lucas Oil Pro Nationals would be great to see you there
  • paige_fried248@triciafried
  • heroinyoungyou're getting chubby
  • setting_601But you used alpinestars brace I think that alpinestars is better @alpinestars #alpinestars
  • jack35cooke@new_moment1 they are shut I've literally fell in one and it ripped in half leat is the only one the consistently gets better but they're are both good
  • aholder_3Fatttyyyyy
  • aholder_3Very fat
  • cp13_27_2003You have put on some fat not trying to be mean still favorite rider @ryanvillopoto
  • dirtone1Protective gear is a MUST!!
  • bframpton_82@ryanvillopoto god I wish you would get bored with retirement and come out and start kicking ass again all your fans are bored too fuckin tears with out you on the gate 🙏🙏🤞🤞👍👍🏁🏁🔥🔥
  • jaydenw443Ur just a legend @ryanvillopoto love ya work
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