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  • justbritjessopJust thought I'd add my two cents for the #fedisbest campaign 😉 it's a long post, so bare with me! Side note - This video is a throwback to last week! Lewis is hitting all of his 2 Month milestones, considering he's a preemie! It's still so confusing whether we should treat him like a 6 week old or a 12 week old 😅 Ok now in other news, he went from being born in the 6th percentile for weight, down to 3% in the beginning but now he's in the 12th! These are on the preemie growth chart by the way 😅 we still have a ways to go to reach the other chart. I have to mention this today because I've been following the #fedisbest campaign for awhile and it has helped me. It has been an emotional roller coaster to have him gain weight adequately and to "catch up" what with being born early and then also smaller due to IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction, I'll talk more about it a different day). It's so hard because he actually nurses well (which I never thought was going to be possible with NICU stress) but I also have to pump and supplement alongside nursing a few times a day for extra calories, as well as add vitamin d and iron, just to keep him on the charts. It's a lot of hard work (and stress) but seeing that 12% made me feel a bit better about it all. And to all you momma's out there, it's hard and stressful with all the pressure out there but just know there are others mom's going through the same thing #reallife #unitedmotherhood #mom #preemiemom

  • teamvaneThanks for this one! Have a great day!
  • tiameidellYou are awesome! Keep it up!
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