• draketimesdelphic#tbt in the TD archives: A young campaign worker was photographed by a Times-Delphic reporter, Sharyl Salontai, during the 1984 presidential campaign. That campaign staffer, as noted in our archived print was in "(Gary) Hart's campaign house. His name is Martin O'Malley." O'Malley himself ran for president in 2016 and is visiting campus this Saturday to speak about voting rights. He'll be at Pomerantz Stage at 11 a.m.

  • cherylbullingtonI miss those heavy old phones! So satisfying to hang up on someone... not that Martin would ever do that.
  • kadluvuI remember meeting Gary Hart at his campaign office during the 1988 election. i thought i just shook the hand of the next president (even though i was supporting the other ticket). Shortly after that, the "scandal" that took him down. Sadly, I think we would all yawn at that type of scandal today.
  • hey20somethingso much yes!
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