My 2 lads😺
  • idomknowMy 2 lads😺

  • musical_creationsSo beautiful, such relaxed, content faces! 😻❤
  • mickysatiarAwwwww man, I miss those 2 little guys! 😺🙆🏾‍♂️😺
  • momma_kvhWe have rescues as well! A brother and sister. Love the kitties! 😸❤
  • robsocks1Lovely photo 😊
  • thatemilyladyThey're gorgeous - I love the ginger one especially!
  • libra1084Cats are the best. 😺
  • pensiveoneBeautiful babies!
  • missdarkfaerieAww...they are so super cute! 😺😺
  • kiriestrombergPurr 😽
  • kezmcgloneaww ye cats are well cute 🐈
  • wildwoodbardSun zen kittehs!!! Adorbs! Rescues are the best! 😸😽
  • brandyplacidoAwww 😍. I love cats. Their so cute. Your lucky you can get a good picture of yours. Everytime I try with my boys they move where I get a blur or the ass end of them. My cats must be camra shy. Lol
  • ponyrayThey are still kickin!! So sweet
  • sarahtoall@idomknow Buddy and Eliot are way too precious!! 😆 We adopted Benjamin Buttons, one of our two dogs, from a humane society. Before we adopted him from the humane society, he was a stray. PS..... What breed are your cats?
  • thatemilylady@idomknow My dear old cat was the same. Still having the late night crazies well into middle age :)
  • whisperingmischiefThey're beautiful! What are their names?
  • gottschalk.richard"Clearly not packing their Bags yet?"
  • thedickiesandersonGreat pic!
  • penguin.tracks.89.5kopn@idomknow i bet they are spoiled. I know the furry members of our house are. :)
  • enterprise_nx_01@idomknow one of my 2 dogs named Buddy too, so i love enterprise as you see, that's what i call a great coincidence💖
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