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  • toddmeynCheck out how my arms didn't go back the same on this clip, my dislocated shoulder from last week didn't like this one 😂 but I can't keep off my bike. I've just been having to much fun lately.

  • jye_hayward💪
  • rudybabyld🙀Meyn=Legend 👊🏼
  • scottwirchDid it pop itself back in? Just curious cause mine didn't and it tore my labrum and rotator cuff. @toddmeyn aka little shit 😂😂
  • toddmeyn@scottwirch I grabbed my arm and raised it till about my head height and it popped straight back in😝lucky
  • jpulido06@toddmeyn seems like i saw a black angel the thing is u don't have the wings 😂 😂 😂😜😜😜
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