Month 3 of the home bound saga: it hasn't been easy having to sacrifice so much of life, for there have been numerous occasions where I've felt sad or frustrated or lonely. But, at the same time, this time alone with my thoughts has made room for a lot of introspection. I'm beginning to discover more about myself than I ever have in the last 26 years. I'm reflecting and finding peace within me. I'm learning to relish in the simple joys of everyday life (like the insanely cute faces Wish makes on a daily basis), something I took advantage of prior to embarking on this Spinraza journey.

Maybe this drug treatment will work, maybe it won't. Regardless of what happens, though, spending so much time secluded from the world has brought me on a journey of self-discovery and allowed me to learn how to let go of things that weighed me down. Although I'm still learning, for the first time in my life, I'm beginning to feel LIGHT. Kind of how Wish feels in this picture. 🙃

To be continued.
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