• thefreckledfoxGuess what friends! I feel so honored that have been asked to share my ‘story’ at the ‘A Reason to Stand’ conference in Logan, UT by my sweet friend Ashlee of @themomentswestand , and although I’m very excited, I’m also incredibly nervous🙈😁. I’ve been backing out of speaking opportunities for quite some time, but I feel ready to finally open up about things in a ‘public’ setting, mostly because of so many of you that have expressed being able to learn or relate by sharing in the hardest parts of my life. I’m also feeling a little more brave because I’ll be joining with some truly strong and inspiring women, who have all suffered immense pain and heartache but still find strength to stand.
    To learn more about the event head over to www.areasontostand.com, and you can get $10 off your tickets with the code FOX at checkout:) I really hope to see you there, and maybe get in a hug in as well! || #areasontostand #standingforme

  • jaimekins_@laurgerber
  • ashleyhessmusicSo excited to meet you!
  • annatribeca@thefreckledfox wow!! This is going to be awesome!! Wish I could go...but continents between us, I'm afraid💜💜❤❤
  • pompidoo_bagsPicture perfect! 📷 🙌
  • misa_sramkovaCzech republic is too far away... 😞
  • mbergodd💪🏼💗you got this😃
  • rdixon89@ninaregina5
  • raising4ryansI wish this was closer! Come to Louisiana
  • jennypennyahoThis is amazing! Wish I lived closer so I could attend. I was recently asked to share of faith journey at a women's ministry this month! Eeek! Best wishes on sharing your story out loud! @thefreckledfox
  • kandyapplemama😻
  • laughinsideHow do o get tickets!!!
  • lanahill8727You will be outstanding this will be a tremendous opportunity for you. Go get um girl stand proud and talk the spirit will be with you and guide you in all things. You have been through a lot but you can offer others a perspective only you have seen. So sharing is going to be a blessing for them to see how you were sustained by God's hand through Ll
  • lanahill8727All your trials.
  • kimberlynstoddardI was so looking forward to this - then had to take my sweet girl to the ER last night and she needs her Mama this weekend, so I'm not going to make it. Sending all my love and support for each of your amazing stories and strength. Xoxo
  • e.atha36I wish I could come and meet you in person. You are an inspiration of what I hope I can be when I get older and married. Thank you for being one of my role models ♥️@thefreckledfox
  • lolaandtheboyslove 😍
  • steelsweetYou will be amazing. I hope I can make it!
  • whitneyajeman@jessicaajemanphotos you would love this if you can make it! If not be sure to check Emily & Ashlee's blogs/YouTubes. ♡
  • camilla_parker_bowlesWould so love to see you speak but Australia is a bit far, lol.
  • chenmeicaiGorgeous babe @thefreckledfox 😍 Happy to see this great news for you! Hey dear Emily, it's me Chai from Blogspot. I just recently tried to get back to my blogging. Hoping to catch up with my long time blogger friends like you. Hope we can also keep in touch here in Instagram 😍 GladI kept up-to-datewith youas wwll here & has been following. ❤
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