NUMBER 12! #furiouslyhappy
  • thebloggessNUMBER 12! #furiouslyhappy

  • snartziThe president just so if she ever gets lost we can get a call that says we found the president.
  • akysnola🍾🥂
  • sammiebee7Fuck yeah! 🤘🏼
  • ktfcoyoteReading it now! Snorting and laughing out loud! Also nodding in undestanding. 😁💛
  • lyndahdonatiwoo-HOOOO!
  • jennifer_d.jonesSnagging another for a down friend today. Hoping she'll laugh out loud. It's a great book. Congratulations!
  • 2lkgypsy2I love your books! I suggest them to all my Spoonies- you have no idea how much of an impact or smiles you have given to so many, and a different perspective- that can't be ranked. Thank you for that. Ps: I've bought furiously happy 4 times because I have given my copies to people in my rheumatologist's waiting room who looked like they needed it-and they have all loved it 💖💖💖💖
  • majelovI got it almost purely out of appreciation for the front cover. That the book is so good almost felt like a bonus. Thank you for writing it, I love it!
  • bellasocksWoohoooo for #1 and #2!! Victor's a party pooper!!!
  • alansari_photos✨ ⭐ 🌟
  • el_feen_eCongrats 🎉 Just finished this Excellent book!
  • dhilfmanCongrats #margotshetterly #1
  • netflix_n_schillGlad I stumbled across your IG!
  • e_babcockI think you would like "Winter of Madness" by David Walker, 1965. Set in Scotland, told by a Scotitish laird (lord) about the time he went rather mad....partly a spoof of Bond stories....funny and wild. Out of print, may be able to get from library, or for almost nothing 2nd hand on Amazon.
  • e_babcockalso have you read any Kurt Vonnegut? His early ones are best, particularly Cat's Cradle and God Bless You mr. Rosewater. Love, e.!!!!
  • bnpkittiesYou go girl!!
  • lanettethalerWell earned! Loved your book!
  • chance_the_authorCongrats! Hoping to share that chart with you one day!😉
  • carls_momReading it now. Im laughing and crying and laughing and crying. Thank you for putting into words so many feelings ive never been able to express. ❤️
  • schmonster2015I started reading Furiously Happy on a plane trip back from Oakland...I needed a pick me up and as I sat laughing outloud I thought to myself, I so love that I'm not the only nut job on this planet. I then texted my equally crazy cousin and she is also a big fan. You're our a Planet of the Apes sort of way for crazies. Thanks for writing this!
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