• elii.stephensI dunno about Waldo but you can find Me on the couch. Anyone else got spring fever? Im soooo blah lately. .
    NEW On the blog I have some must - see TV Series that you probably haven't heard of..... drop your fav tv show in the comments below xx ... link in bio #streetart 👨‍🎨 :@incarceratedjerkfaces

  • elii.stephens@autodidactgirltravels and we have the same TV style?! Amazing 💞I need to get into Fringe thanks for the recommendations 😘
  • autodidactgirltravelsDo we? That's awesome! I meant to go read your post to see what you liked after I commented and then I got distracted (...Squirrel!...) and forgot. I'll check it out now. 😀 Fringe isn't on Netflix, but it was easy to get from the library (if you do that).😊
  • picturesandwordsblogHaha that's a cool wall! But yeah know what you mean about spring fever, I feel blah too
  • estherjuleeSuch a cool mural! Love his other works!
  • whatswheelike😂👌 that is funny.. well captured
  • steffsligerThis is such a cute wall
  • frankvinylHahaha
  • _shanelbLoveeeeeeeee ! Waldo is awesome !
  • mysuitcasejourneysTHIS IS SOOOO CUTE!! 😍
  • theweekendistLovely ⭐️
  • journalloveSo cute 😍
  • tasmansee👏👏👏
  • hoyo_funky_This is absolutely #dope 💯😍👍
  • jngroseI'm dying to snap a pic here!
  • getadamperezI can't spot Waldo?!?🙈 LOL lovin this pic! 👍😀😉
  • getadamperezOh btw my favorite tv 📺 show is a show my daughter got me hooked on..."you live in what"? Cool to see people see a vision through!
  • thelittlestfryThis is awesome! 👀
  • ilhemzianeamazing
  • myplanitFun 'Where's Waldo' moment!
  • wanderfallworldVery cool street art👍
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