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  • kammi_dragonsden_27@axquadiluna ugly is an opinion, not a fact. Now shut up and quit spreading negativity.
  • axquadiluna@kammi_dragonsden_27 okay i don't want to stay here all night, bye bæ
  • aliia_more@axquadilun What are you doing yourself for children with canser?
  • emma.__.shoafBec i dont have enough hair to cut off and give @kammi_dragonsden_27
  • arnosekai@emma.__.shoaf if you really want to do something, you will find a way!!! But of course it's easier to find execuse and use social media to annoy other people!!! And let's stop to hidden envy with this stupid thing of "donation" it's not donation!!! Try to do something REAL!!! But of course it's much easier to fake to ne generous with other people things!!! Do you feel better now?
  • emma.__.shoaf@arnosekai I was just trying to help other people trying to make them feel better about themselves. I didn't mean to get in a fight but I just said that comment so some little girl could to have her hair all the way down to her hips if she had cancer how fun would that be for her. So I don't know what the big deal would be and I think that it was very immature for you to say that I was just trying to help other people.
  • arnosekai@emma.__.shoaf do you thing that annoying a girl and to hurt her because her hair, you are doing something good? Does her feelings don't deserve to ne espected? And no! You just give yourself the power to judge!!! If you want to do something DO WITH YOUR THINGS!!! Is that hard to understand? And please stop all that hipocrisy! Almost all the associations which collect hair sell it and make profit!!! Wake up!!! This is just a scam!!!
  • emma.__.shoafI was just suggesting something. Not trying to be mean @arnosekai
  • k.a.t.28@arnosekai I don't think you should make a big deal about this. She was just trying to suggest an idea and I don't think she meant to hurt anyone. I don't understand why you are taking this so offensively.
  • emma.__.shoafThank you @k.a.t.28
  • arnosekai@emma.__.shoaf you have ben rude and unkind!!! So I would suggestiva to you to sell your smartphone, because if you use it to annoy people on instagram it is not that big usage, and donate the money to the research!!! Save money in other way, instead of waste it!!! Do you feel that good now?
  • arnosekai@k.a.t.28 if you lack of empathy with other people, it doesn't mean I'm taking it so seriously!!! So yes!!! She has been rude and unkind wrting what she weote to my friend!!! ( where I offended? I just said the truth!!!) and yes! She put herself in a position to judge my friend! She said my friend should cut her hair but when someone ask to her why she didn't she said she can't!!! That means to be hipocryte and arrogant!!! Why do you not donate something yours instead to annoy my friend? Are you sure it's just to make "something good"? I don't think so, and I'll now the unkindess to all people will ne like that!!!
  • emma.__.shoafOk @arnosekai
  • ladyimpala67What are your secrets?!? I keep my hair long as well but have never made it past my waist.
  • aliia_more@arnosekai thank you for protection!😘
  • arnosekai@aliia_more you are very welcome! :) I'm your dwarvn defender!!! Ahahah!!! XD
  • al.hndia😩
  • _6sxxالله شعرهاا يجنن😍😍!
  • x.am91@weej_28
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