Four new books. Four new ways. #onasunday #grateful
  • nickheywardFour new books. Four new ways. #onasunday #grateful

  • ali_j_thomasA Thousand Splendid Suns is an amazing story. I must read it again! X
  • themnpeacockA Thousand Splendid Suns is extraordinary 💜
  • johnnyechoechoThat's a lotta learning!
  • judideI'm impressed with all of you! Going to check out A Thousand Splendid Suns!
  • nickheyward@johnnyechoecho You never know, Johnny. I may learn most from the novel.
    That second hand Reader's Digest book looked so good. Whoever put it together had a sense humour and a sense of human about them - traits that makes the bestest teacher.
    A whole lotta learning going on!
    And personally I sometimes learn the most from the biggest plonker on the planet and sometimes that just so happens to be me. And I say that most seriously and colloquially in pure South London zen. "The hard way, as they say. But I'm learning the soft approach," said Coach Heyward 👨🏽‍✈️ It's a wonderful life ⛸
  • johnnyechoecho@nickheyward You have a way with words (& melody, let's not deny); playful and precise. I fear that you could teach the Readers Digest a thing or three. But I think we can all agree that life without learning is wasted on the living - and the lightness of your thoughts gives us all joy, sir! ❄️
  • becky.florenceGosh, that sounds very good. I recently read that one of the best things that someone can teach someone else is how to cope with setbacks. So simple and true. I love that. ♡
  • nickheyward@johnnyechoecho My claws have serious respect for Readers Digest since they came through my 90s suburban letterbox. That's where my bid for freedom came. I saw a little or well known regular article at the front called Life's Like That. And the rest as they say is histrionics.

    Thanks so much for your encouragement and review. I think hanging out with Wolfgang helps. Or is that with you and everyone here? We're now all on first name terms, Johnny. Good energy is catching and ignites the creative sparks that lighten up the darkest of local parks. 🦉
  • nickheyward@becky.florence It's the simple things that ring so true don't they, Becky. Worth their weight in gold, as they say.
    I think how to cope with inevitable set backs should be a class at school including meditation and pilates etc.

    Though there are some things no one can prepare us for that we just have to live and learn through. No need for examples but there is tragedy and trauma so grim that that needs specialist help.

    My favourite specialist in this field is Bessel van der Kolk. His book The Body Keeps The Score is priceless. I read it all the time. I can highly recommend it to anyone who is living this subject or has a family member with this subject or just interested in this subject. He is brilliant.
  • johnnyechoecho@nickheyward Although we had old copies of RD floating around my childhood home, it was my father's home library that broadened my own horizon: An ex-photographer with books on Life magazine and Picture Post, great artists and counter-culture authors. Diary of a Nobody, Catcher in the Rye-bread a time warped second generation of Milligoons. ..Opened my mind and pointed to the sky, shouting, 'FLY!'
  • becky.florenceThank you. Definitely should be a lesson in schools. I shall look for the book. Would also be interested to hear about the hand reflexology book, looks interesting. :-)
  • mishloves80sThey look interesting especially the Reflexology book. I have done Aromatherapy you may be interested in that too @nickheyward 👍🌻
  • nickheyward@becky.florence Yeah, it looks nice and simple and I thought a bit a hand reflexology will be easy to administer in the same way I do some acupressure when needed. There's a great foot and wrist point I do sometimes at bedtime that helps with sleep quality, which in turn helps make the day a fantastic one. Always handy ✋🏽
  • nickheyward@mishloves80s I'm interested and fascinated by all forms of healing, Michelle. Of course a Taurus would do aromatherapy. What bull doesn't doesn't love to stop and smell the flowers? Sara and I are qualified Bach Flower practitioners. We did the courses at his home which is now an education centre. Both having the knowledge is handy for helping each other out. When I'm working in music I take White Chestnut like Tomorrow Never Knows! ☺️
  • becky.florenceSounds amazing ! Another book I will have to look at. And the sky is blue here today after all the rain, at last. ♡
  • akimboleaNick, I needed to read "how to cope with inevitable set backs" today. Thanks!
  • callingcaptin_autumnThe yellow emperors classic of medicine looks interesting 💕🌞
  • mishloves80s@nickheyward Yes your right about the Taurus thing😃.White Chestnut sounds nice.I'm into spiritual healing I have been told I have healing hands so I like to help others.Although could do with some healing myself 😊.🌸🌺
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