• soumna_travelbooksfoodSo how many of you know how it is traveling with an Indian passport? I go mad every time, just preparing the documents. No scope of not planning. For my next country in pipeline, I even had to attend a personal interview today. I think it went well. Will know in few days.
    Coming back to Europe, another one from Colmar in France. #currytraveler

  • theboutiqueadventurerI so want to go here!!
  • findyourworldSo sorry you have to go through that to travel, I forget how spoiled I am sometimes 😕 I hope you have an amazing time in France!
  • acajunincaliI really want to visit this area of France!
  • wanderingchocoboMy boyfriend used to have one, he became and Australian citizen, but he said it was so difficult before. Good luck, and maybe one day travel will be easier for the world!
  • diytravelhqGood luck
  • taylorstracksHere's to hoping that one day soon more passports will be treated equally
  • wow_travelersYes the world should be one free for everyone to wander
  • amibhatI do and I know the pain but it is worth it... Lovely colors of the building there
  • thetravelnovaPoor you! I would be so mad if I had to go through all the hoops every time I travel. Hope you get your visa!
  • aneesha_raiI feel your pain! I hate traveling with an Indian passport! However, there is a place with the same name in Malaysia and it even looks exactly the same!
  • worldinsidemypocketI'm loving this shot!
  • drifterplanetawesome picture
  • fromheretosundayOoo I bet it did go well! Keep us posted 😊
  • leeshastarrWith my UK passport I have been very blessed! Shame we can't all travel more freely
  • apocalypstickkthe only time I feel I need different color passport :(
  • stanleynguyenvnThat looks like Scandinavia scene. I really love it
  • elesadventureVery sweet :)
  • daringnomadSuch a great post!
  • whereintheworldisninaThis is beautiful! 👌👌 I love France but I haven't seen this place yet.
  • mister_and_misses_travelAmazing shot! Have a good day!
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