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  • warriorwomanDIY Blood letting with @thrivahealth
    Apologies for the swearing.
    I was diagnosed with #hashimotos an autoimmune thyroid condition a while ago. I noticed huge reductions in my antibody levels by changing my diet but the tests are usually too expensive to repeat very often. This new home kit costs about £60 so I'll let you know how it goes. I made a bit of a mess of it!
    Link: 👉https://thriva.co/i/AWKVJC
    #selfquantification #biohacking

  • girlontheriver@warriorwoman what changes have you had to make to your diet? Is that why you're on that spreadsheet regime?
  • warriorwoman@girlontheriver the spreadsheet thing is about muscle gain and fat loss really. For the hashimotos I noticed the benefit when I went on the #whole30 a very strict paleo style diet which strips out sugar and gluten amongst other things. It's thought that the gluten might be the culprit with hashimotos so I am interested to see the blood results now that I'm on a less rigid diet and where I am perhaps 80% paleo/gluten free.
  • tashiskervinOh wow, it's so good that you can do it in the comfort of your home
  • girlontheriver@warriorwoman ah, right - sounds like you're on the case!
  • ellelintonYou can just use the kit once?? So one test for £60?
  • warriorwoman@ellelinton yes only once. When I've had to go to a clinic for the test it costs over £200 which is why I'm so excited about this one.
  • _lovaine_I've been getting so many at home kits recently! Such a life saver xxx
  • mybigfitdiary_Ah, that's great you can do it at home (and save money!)
  • themarathonmarcusIt's a big saving for sure. Best of luck with it 😊👍🏽
  • hellofitvicSo interesting! Good luck with it!
  • nikbeThis is great! Why I never knew about this! Are you on medication? I have antibodies but they won't treat them😐
  • warriorwoman@nikbe no I'm not. I could get low level thyroxin privately (my GP isn't interested) but while ever I can see a benefit from a dietary route I would prefer that over medication. It's why I'm keen to be able to monitor the levels.
  • nikbe@warriorwoman I've been private and like you tried to monitor over the years and stay healthy myself, without meds. I have other other autoimmune conditions too but stopped meds a couple years ago now. Please keep posting your progress about this, it's not only interesting but reassuring to us that have similar issues😊
  • fitbits_Ahh I dunno if I could do that!
  • travismarziani👌
  • squibbviciousSo couldn't do that myself!!
  • botgurlLOL so much blood!
  • thiswomanswordOooo this looks interesting!
  • the.larnsOoof I actually couldn't watch that!
  • pinkphys👍
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