• elerihandmadeAlmost done with my blog post on the amazing @tymeiron . I did my #tymehair In less than 15 minutes for our Mardi Gras date night! Who wants one now?

    But this is a sewing blog so I'm going to have to give it away with some fabric, right?

  • lipsbycarolineI need this!!!!! 😍
  • craftimomwordpressYou look amazing and so does your hair! Have a fun date!
  • falcon264You're so beautiful Eleri! 😘 xoxo
  • sweetredpoppyYou look beautiful!
  • ruby_rue_creationsGorgeous!!! And why didn't you come HERE for your Mardi Gras date?!!😉
  • sunflowerseamsYou look gorgeous! There was a huge Marci Gras party here last night!!
  • elerihandmade@lipsbycaroline yes you do! It's been my best beauty investment! I'm "hairstyle challenged" and it's totally upped my game.
  • elerihandmadeThank you @craftimomwordpress @falcon264 @sweetredpoppy
  • elerihandmade@ruby_rue_creations Thank you! Some year I"ll make it down to Mardi Gras! I've loved your pictures.
  • elerihandmade@sunflowerseams thank you!
  • acrump02Love your hair! OK, talk to me about this Tyme thing you're talking about please, dear! I've been so lazy with doing my hair lately and yours looks gorgeous! I need to find out more! :)
  • simplelifepatternsLove it!! Did my hair in about 8 minutes yesterday!!! Love my tyme iron! I actually do my hair more now versus the sloppy bun o sport everyday! Bhaha
  • sewjournersYou look amazing! And yes fabric is always a good thing to throw in there!
  • elerihandmade@acrump02 - my hubby gave me an iron a couple years ago and I love it. It looks like a flat iron, but the iron is twisted inside the barrel. So you sandwich your hair in it and pull the iron toward your mirror at varying angles and out pops amazing waves/curls depending on how you hold it!
  • elerihandmadeI have had a few friends say they can do something similar with a traditional flat iron, but I love that this is titanium, easy on the hair, and idiot-proof for hair failures like me.
  • elerihandmade@abcrump02- I'll bring mine for you to try next time we get together.
  • anncereghinoSuper love!
  • elerihandmadeThanks @anncereghino! it's my favorite!
  • mariefleurineWhat a fun pic! And those curls! 😍
  • elerihandmade@mariefleurine thank you! I am having a lot of fun!
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