WHat say you, Jesus? #atheist #atheism #atheistrollcall #atheistpics #christian #christianity #pray #faith #religion #godless #goodwithoutgod
  • godless_momWHat say you, Jesus? #atheist #atheism #atheistrollcall #atheistpics #christian #christianity #pray #faith #religion #godless #goodwithoutgod

  • kayladope1994@d_a_v_i_dro ......... OK 🤣🤣when u say god u mean ur god right if so bye 👋👋👋
  • eischerWell, he and Mary had kids....
  • thelivingvoidCan I just Whail on someone's boring sign wearing gay Jesus robes?
  • d_a_v_i_droMy God is Holy clean so you understand no sinners will enter kingdom of God @kayladope1994
  • wolfgang_von_feuerbaderI think Jesus would have grabbed a lot of pussies. According to Trump, you can do that when you're a star. "They let you." So, he would have been a massive pussy-grabber. Hey, maybe that's the real reason he was slapped to a cross. He wouldn't stop grabbing women by the genitals.
  • d_a_v_i_droSay whatever you want but the truth is no will escape from God there to path hell or heaven sinners were they sin they go a place of torment a fire God is the way he love you he died for you so you don't perish,say whatever people being deceive by satan @wolf_von_feuerbader
  • magsroyale🤘🏻🤘🏻
  • godless_mom@hellboundlex 😂
  • wolfgang_von_feuerbader@d_a_v_i_dro I follow Satan on Facebook. He seems pretty chill. He's not all fire and brimstone. Not an ounce of hate. I wish I could say the same for you Christians.
  • sunshine.atheist.mom@d_a_v_i_dro threatening atheists with hell is useless. Reading what you write is like reading what my 7 year old daughter writes when she tries to blackmail me into giving her candy. "U give me candy or else you get no hugs". It's ridiculous
  • d_a_v_i_droI'm not threating no one I speaking the word of God that saves sunshine.atheist.mom
  • d_a_v_i_dro@sunshine.atheisi.mom
  • eddiecedI just wish every other religion would get the same treatment as this one here.
  • kayladope1994@d_a_v_i_dro please every religious person say that about their god, your god is not different from other gods and other religions,
  • d_a_v_i_droI don't think so there gods are dead worship they can't hear you they are created by hands of men they have ears they can't hear idols are false I tell you that they say to a priest father and to forgive sin only the blood of jesus can forgive sin no one else can the world always goes against God go one sinner no fear God mockers of jesus hating the truth he save use from hell,God is the only way except it or ignore it he coming back @kayladope1994 God is the truth and the light for salvation no sinners will enter the kingdom of God sinners hate me but they don't realize they are hating God word I'm just a message to preach his truth
  • kayladope1994@d_a_v_i_dro really ur funny 😂 if u believe that, that's u
  • d_a_v_i_droIt's true they created by wood made hands of men how can they hear you the bible doesn't lie satan wants people to believe that they do miracles wrong so who does false miracles power of the enemy satan even satan deceive Eva threw a snake,it was satan who deceive Eva threw a snake don't come and say satan is not real many satanist also worship the fallen and do ritual to contact demons
  • d_a_v_i_dro@kayladope1994 don't get trick is in the bible only God can forgive sins no priest can
  • d_a_v_i_droDo you realize some Catholics are Christians because they know idols are false,God hates idols believe or not that your choice you can't go against God @kayladope1994 this is spiritual battle against darkness and light satan and God,Jose said decided who you going to serve me and my house will serve The Lord Amen Amen Amen Amen
  • d_a_v_i_droGod loves you much bro @eddieced he died for you for your sin,God is the truth and the light of this world from darkness of satan kingdom this is spiritual battle every Christian knows that.
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