Doing the ✈️ thing again, this time for team @nvidia. I better get five GTX 1080 Tis out of this trip
  • bitwitkyleDoing the ✈️ thing again, this time for team @nvidia. I better get five GTX 1080 Tis out of this trip

  • mrjeremytAre you on the same flight as the cool kids Jay and Paul, or did they make you sit at the lame plane?? :P
  • computerbloke123Get one for me as well 😂😂
  • primate_in_trainingIs there going to be a 1060ti?
  • marcelglaserWhen is the event ?
  • josephdm7= $5000
  • da_2holer_ehCurrently have a 1080. Waiting to find out if a Ti would warrant an upgrade, given I'll sell my 1080 and guitar for it if it is lol.
  • mxraucci_98Want good computers or hardware for a good price? Checkout brand new company trying to help the consumer save more.
  • mxraucci_98Also follow there twitter @ smartelectroni3
  • crashsitepcsDoes the 1080 TI beat two 980 TI's in sli... that's my concern! Also, how quickly can it fry an egg? My 980ti's are good for that 😊
  • lukasliwandouw5 way sli? Is that possible? Or you just put some in another machine?
  • unreal_pcs_Bring me one, too!!
  • deinemuddaisdoofPenta-Fire?!?
  • c1ndy67See you tomorrow! 👋🏻
  • nicholas.reif@rorswilltech it might depending on the workload/developer support. Dual gpu configs aren't particularly the best always.
  • nicholas.reif@lukasliwandouw for two SLI machines. One for him and one for wifey sauce. One more for tbe c
  • cool_arr0wIf you get a 1080ti, can I have one?
  • lillemann89They should give you Titan XP ti's xD
  • kyletheemartianWould it really make any sense to make a Ti a year after the GTX 1080 or to release a new lineup with a Ti. I also feel like Pascal was just a "test" to see how 16nm plays and looks like they will continue to use it for the next lineup
  • lytlereeceVery Nice!
  • mmclass1I hope Ngreedia cuts the price of their 1080s
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