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  • krugerconstructionI didn't expect this kind of power from a battery powered handheld blower
    The 18v and 20v can't touch this 54v beast.
    I just can't believe the size and weight of this thing for the power it puts out.
    Normally once the vehicles have packed down the snow on our driveway it needs to be scraped.
    So even after a 1ton, 1/2 ton and SUV has packed the snow down for over 24hrs the Ego still rips it off the pavement.
    It has variable speed as well as a TURBO button!!!! TURBO 🤘
    I just saw this kit with charger and battery and blower for $298 @homedepot
    Considering the battery alone is $178 that's a damn good deal.
    I'll be using this thing lots so I'llkeep you guys updated

  • krugerconstruction#yxe #blower #landscaping #egopowerplus #turbo #construction
  • mondo1310Ergo💪🏽💪🏽 looks like I need to upgrade.
  • the_bearded_tradesmanWow!! That thing has some power!!! 👊🏻
  • jabbagutThat's very impressive!! Holy 💩 it's got some balls!!
  • montreal_woodworksI have the first generation model and it's almost as good
  • jordanlkellsDo the blow a soccer ball test!!!!!
  • devan_not_devaughnI work at Home Depot and we stopped using gas blowers around the store when these things came out, pretty awesome stuff.
  • foolish_designsHave you seen the Stihl battery powered blowers @krugerconstruction? They have some serious cfms- I'd love to see if you think they stack up against this unit.
  • adelectricincOh man are you going to tested on natalie ? haaa you got her a few times with the others 😂 she might 💀 you
  • tannerrossrealtorThat's impressive!! 😳
  • wallythelabBetter than the Milwaukee and Dewalt Flexvolt?
  • krugerconstructionKills the Milwaukee, FlexVolt will be a contender. We gotta wait till it arrives before we can say more @wallythelab
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