• kkubotaYour bucket list needs emptying! Come ride motorcycles, photograph amazing scenery, and eat culinary delights on our July 2017 tour of Italy's ancient cities and southern coast. MotoPhotoTours.com is designed for riders, but non-riders are welcome and will have an equally excellent adventure! Clare and I hope you'll join us!

  • barbeecainphotographyAwesome!
  • trentontalbotThat chapter of my bucket list is titled "If I win the lottery…" 😊
  • kkubota@trentontalbot hah! I hear ya :-) Better go buy some tickets then!
  • tmanphotoLiterally at the top of my bucket list... next year for sure!
  • joel.studioempSounds amazing!
  • havocbrandNICE...
  • locals_project💪💪
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