February 26: Ariana's Meet & Greet at the #DangerousWomanTour in Cleveland, OH ♡
  • arianagrandeupdatesxFebruary 26: Ariana's Meet & Greet at the #DangerousWomanTour in Cleveland, OH ♡

  • noemigualerziShe's so beautiful
  • samara_b.xxthe australian dates STILL aren't out, she said that she was coming and then she reconfirmed that she was coming, but idk *sigh*
  • arianator_bitches♡♡♡
  • arifanpagei@samara_b.xx its not just australia lmao sit down, none of the international dates have been released.
  • samara_b.xx@arianaputahs yeah i realised, but i'm really sorry, i didn't know that i had to have your permission to comment
  • arifanpagei@samara_b.xx it was a dumb comment so
  • samara_b.xx@arianaputahs aha, um no it wasn't. i know that no international dates had been released, but does that give you permission to come here and start annoying me? i don't think so
  • arifanpagei@samara_b.xx lol i couldnt care less if im annoying you. you're being annoying by complaining. aus isnt any more important than the other countries
  • samara_b.xx@arianaputahs and when in any of my comments did i say it was more important than other countries? all i said is, she said she would be coming twice but the dates haven't been released. i don't understand why that's such a problem for you. it has absolutely nothing to do with you
  • arifanpagei@samara_b.xx you said "the australian dates STILL arent out". that means no one else's are either.... australia isnt the only one not out yet. plus, she isnt even close to being done with the america shows, it wouldnt make sense to sell them this far in advance lmao
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